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Greek Vibes

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Konstantinos Aretakis
Nefeli Chronopoulou
Nefeli Chronopoulou
Nefeli Chronopoulou



Hi, travelers and locals of Greece!

I am happy to join this group!

Any tips for a good place to eat near Plaka Athens?

Nefeli Chronopoulou
Konstantinos Aretakis
July 3, 2023 · changed the group description.

International friend currently in greece! Here is the group chat for you! To make the most of a Vibe Abroad community group chat, here's how you can effectively use it:

  1. Introductions: Begin by introducing yourself to the group chat. Share a brief description of your interests, travel plans, or any specific questions you may have.

  2. Questions and Discussions: Engage in conversations by asking questions related to Vibe Abroad, travel tips, local recommendations, or any topic relevant to the group's purpose. Encourage others to share their insights and experiences.

  3. Tips and Advice: Share your own travel tips, recommendations, or insights with the group. Offer advice on destinations, cultural experiences, budget-saving tips, or any valuable information that can benefit fellow members.

  4. Event Invitations: If you have a specific activity or event you'd like to organize, feel free to share it with the group. For example: "Hey everyone in the Vibe Abroad community! I'm excited to be part of this group! I'm planning to explore the local markets this Saturday 8/6/2023 in the afternoon. If you're interested, react or message me, and I'll add you to our group chat for this outing!"

  5. Group Activities: Collaborate with other members to organize group activities such as local tours, meetups, language exchanges, or shared experiences. Be open to joining activities initiated by other members as well.

  6. Respectful Communication: Ensure your messages are clear, concise, and respectful. Be mindful of others' opinions and perspectives. Avoid engaging in heated debates or arguments. Maintain a friendly and positive tone in your interactions.

  7. Active Participation: Actively engage in the group chat by responding to messages, offering help, and sharing relevant information. Stay involved and contribute to the community's growth and engagement.

Eleni Korakianiti


Welcome to the group! You can connect with other members, get updates and share photos.


    International friend currently in greece! Here is the group ...
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