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Must see in Methoni: 3 unforgettable experiences you must have according to a local

At VibeAbroad, we believe that travel is more than just moving from point A to B. It's a journey of discovery, learning, and connection. One of our early members, a local "Ioanna K." from Methoni, Greece, has kindly shared her top 3 must-do experiences in her hometown. Let's explore them!

1. Visit the Castle of Methoni

One can't speak of Methoni without mentioning its magnificent castle. Steeped in Greek history and narratives of Turkish rule and various important Greek battles, this castle is a must-visit. As you delve into the layers of time, you'll get an intimate feel for Greece's rich history.

2. Dine at "To Kastro" Restaurant

Located where the sun sets, "To Kastro" is for sure a must-see in Methoni and promises more than just a meal. Here, you'll get to enjoy fresh seafood while admiring the view of the castle, sea, and stunning sunset. The wild and distinct landscape is sure to leave every traveller impressed. Look up the sunsets on the internet, and you'll be left awe-struck!

3. Visit "Sapienza" Island and Go Diving

Your adventure doesn't stop on land. Immerse yourself in the underwater archaeological site near Sapienza Island for a truly unique experience. Diving here, you'll witness remnants of an ancient world hidden beneath the sea. More details can be found here.

This gem of a list from a Methoni local "Ioanna K." encapsulates what VibeAbroad is all about - making local, unique experiences accessible to all travellers. We are a growing community of explorers and locals sharing their experiences, tips, and hidden gems with each other.

Must see in Methoni Part 2? Your next steps:

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Send us your tips, and let's continue making every journey an experience to remember. Together, we are more than just travellers. We are VibeAbroad. Come, join the adventure!

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